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Dans une prochaine vie, papa, j'aimerais te reprendre comme père.  Bernard Werber 
  6 commentaires sur KRISSFOTO

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6 commentaires sur le groupe KRISSFOTO
la belle lisa, dommage qu'il y ais si peux de photos Par AntoineEmail
il y a 5 ans
Dear Deborah,Loved reading your Blog. Know you are a great bdigre partner, but had no idea really how talented you are. Had a few chuckles and thought I should be cheering you up but in fact you made me feel good. Strange.You did have a good day yesterday at the bdigre game. So glad your team was on top. I'm sure you were responsible for at least 1/4 of that victory. Was a fun afternoon wasn't it?Thought about you today and relieved to hear that it was a good day.During some of the conversations Greta and I have had over the past few weeks, realized that she had never been to Bridgeport (shopping center). So today we went, did a little walking, browsing, shopping, and had lunch at PF Chang's. Our good friend Dorothy Nicley was with us. Came home and began to knit a ski hat for Alec, will do Ryan's next.My wish for you is to have a good day tomorrow.Love,BarbaraPar gYDNOJqnkI
il y a 6 ans
dommage qu'il n'y ais pas de vidéo ou de suite, cette modele est bien joliePar AntoineEmail
il y a 6 ans
Superbe modèle (Lisa 34)et belle MES. Y-at-il d'autres photos dispos ou d'autre shoots possible?
Cdt et bravo
Par EricEmail
il y a 7 ans